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SAS Senior Alert Scheme


Seniors Alert Scheme (SAS)



We are delighted to anounce we  have registered to provide the Seniors Alert Scheme (SOS). The Seniors Alert Scheme provides grant support for the supply of alarm equipment to enable older people of limited means to continue to live securely in their homes. The scheme is run by Pobal, a not-for-profit organisation that manages programmes on behalf of the Irish Government and the EU.


Who is eligible for SAS?

To be eligible for the Seniors Alert Scheme, you must be:

  • Aged 65 or over with limited means or resources
  • Be either living alone,
  • Being alone for significant periods during the day,
  • Be living with someone who also meets the criteria above,
  • Living in the area covered by the registered group administering the grant support
  • Able to benefit from the equipment being supplied i.e. Internet access
  • Willing to maintain contact with the registered group (TFRC)

What is the service exactly?

The SAS will provide you with monitored personal alarms, which can be worn as a pendant or around your wrist like a watch. A base unit is installed in your home and will connect up to the personal alarm.  When the alarm is activated, it automatically rings a national helpline, which  a helpline operator talks to you in your home and decides whether to alert a local volunteer responder or worst case scenario the emergency services. this helpline is open 24 hours a day , 365 days a year.

The service costs 70 euro for the year and the first year is free.

If you are interested in applying please drop into our service and we can assist you in the application process.


For further information, contact Mary/Ray 053-9134465


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